Breakout Sessions

45-minute sessions covering key topics around TEM, MMS, and Cloud. Network with other like-minded professionals, as subject matter experts dive into best practices for inventory, expense, and usage management.

Get to Know Tangoe Mobile
Features: Ian Runyon, Tangoe MMS VP of Product
How can Tangoe Mobile platform help you automate business process orchestration, drive digital transformation, and integrate fragmented IT systems? Take an in-depth tour of Tangoe’s latest MMS solution and learn from current customers to uncover software-driven strategies that unlock mobility management success.
Advanced Automation and Business Process Orchestration
Features: Joan Schrenkel, Tangoe MMS Director of Automation Engineering and Abdul Elantably, Tangoe MMS Product Manager
Does your business need unique, specialized processes to manage mobile technology? Meet goBots, Tangoe’s family of Robotic Process Automation-fueled assistants, and see how Tangoe Workflow gives customers code-free tools and a drag-and-drop environment to build, test, and launch custom business processes.
Understand and Optimize Cloud Spending
Features: Rob Whitmore, Tangoe SVP of Strategic Consulting and Larry Ubaldi, Tangoe VP of Advisory Services - Cloud Practice
Are you struggling to keep IT’s cloud investments under control? Join Tangoe and one of the world’s largest companies to find out how our Advisory Services can help you save money and overcome cloud technology’s most important business challenges through conversation and a real-world case study.
Making Better Business Decisions
Features: Paolo Sellari, Tangoe Reporting & Analytics Product Manager
Does your business have the data it needs to make the most informed and intelligent business decisions possible? Dive deep into a focused discussion to learn how Tangoe’s new reporting and analytics tools can help you reduce costs, increase productivity, and deliver consistent, predictable technology management success.
Enterprise Technology Trends
Features: Hyoun Park, Amalgam Insights CEO and Principal Analyst
What does Enterprise Technology Management look like on a global scale? Join Hyoun Park for a collaborative discussion that reveals the mobile, fixed, and cloud technology trends that matter most to your business moving forward.
Enterprise Mobility and the Impact of 5G
Features: Rob Whitmore, Tangoe SVP of Strategic Consulting
Are you ready for the next generation of mobile connectivity? Take an in-depth look at mobility management trends and the evolution of 5G to see how global carriers, the Internet of Things, and mobile services sourcing and procurement will be impacted in the not-so-distant future.
Integrating with Tangoe's ServiceNow Tool
Features: Mark Troller, Tangoe CIO
Tangoe's Customer Support Tool (ServiceNow) now makes integrating with your ServiceNow instance easier. Are you making the most of this integration? Learn how to use workflows, get updates, track tickets, escalate issues and take advantage of reports.
Enterprise Telecom/Mobility/IT Management Priorities in 2019
Features: Timothy C. Colwell, AOTMP Executive Vice President
As technology in the Telecom/Mobility/IT estate evolves, new business priorities and management challenges emerge. According to AOTMP Research & Advisory, inventory data accuracy is the leading priority for enterprises in 2019 as enterprises seek to improve and sustain optimal visibility into all technology assets and services. This session explores research findings from AOTMP’s global enterprise study into technology management priorities and challenges, and offers insights on best practices to fulfill priorities and resolve challenges.
Talk with Tangoe Sessions
Fixed Inventory Best Practices
Features: Mike Mirakian, Tangoe Director Service Excellence and Darlene Harrison, Tangoe Senior Manager, Service Delivery
Learn tips, techniques and industry best practices for maintaining an accurate inventory database. Tangoe experts will be on-hand to cover your in-depth inventory questions.
Receiving Value During Implementation
Features: - Chris Dubanowitz, Tangoe Senior Director, Implementations
You don't have to wait till Go Live to start reaping the benefits of your Tangoe TEM solution. Learn how you can get the most value from the implementation process. Implementation is the time to roll-out best practices surrounding your TEM solution. Learn how automation, new metrics and tools can streamline processes and make you more efficient. This is an interactive sessions. Learn best practices from Tangoe experts and share your experiences with your peers.
Preparing for Global Roll-Outs
Features: Mark Statz, Tangoe Senior Technical Design Consultant
Learn about common challenges faced when deploying a TEM solution globally. Regulations vary across the globe. Requirements and regulations in Europe are very different from those in China or LATAM. This interactive discussion is your opportunity to get guidance on managing smooth multinational implementations from Tangoe experts and your peers who have done it before. - Mark Statz
Adding Additional Tangoe Services
Features: - Chris Dubanowitz, Tangoe Senior Director, Implementations
Considering adding some Value Add Services to your Tangoe suite of solutions? Find out what you need to know to prepare and be successful. Tangoe's support teams have specialists in each area whether Tangoe Pay or Logistics. These experts bring the right mix of resources together to guide you through the process and ensure a smooth launch. Join this interactive, collaborative session to learn about Tangoe's consultative approach and how you can leverage these specialists for success. You'll hear from Tangoe experts as well as your peers.